Sunday, November 1, 2009

Playstation 2 Soft Mod thru Free MC Boot

It was last month when I opened my Playstation 2 Slimline and been bored with some games I purchased. I like to optimize my usage on my favorite gaming machine so I've looked up on the internet and I was directed to this site where only the things needed are:

  • Action Replay EVO
  • Memory card for Playstation 2 (8Mb will work)
  • USB Stick (4Gb and below)
  • Free MC Boot release Package
  • FCEUltra.elf (optional method)
  • SwapMagic 3.8 coder ELF (optional method)
  • Playstation 2 Console (off course!)

Free MC Boot is a program that allows a user to boot homebrews without modchip or swap once installed on the Memory Card. It runs on official 8MB Sony MC's as well as 3rd party cards. (with the exception of those needing a boot disc to be recognized or cloned Chinese cards)

Note: if this method does not work you may go here.

Prepare the files:

Note: FMCB installer will not boot directly from Action Replay Max. This is why you must have an AR Max EVO with the Max Media Player.

Copy the FREE_MCBOOT.ELF and the INSTALL folder to the USB root.

Insert the USB stick and the AR Max disc, then run the disc. Note: The USB device MUST be inserted before running the disc!

In the main screen of AR Max, select the Media Player

After a few splash screens,

the Media Player intro will start, you can just press X to skip it. AR Max will now read the USB stick and display file(s).

In the Media Player menu:
Choose the FREE_MCBOOT.ELF by scrolling with the 'Next Item' button on screen if it is not the first file shown, as the Media Player only displays 1 item at a time.

Select Play button and the installer will boot.

A successful boot of the Free McBoot Installer will look like this:

Be sure to read the User Guides for any updates and new features.
In the event of a blackscreen, try one of the following alternative methods.

Note: Many USB devices are simply not fully compatible with AR Max, even though they recognise the device, it may not show all files or boot them properly. Don not take out the USB device and re-insert it while
AR Max is running, "Hot-Swapping" is not a good idea with AR Max.

Here are 2 known methods you can try to get around the incompatibility if either one will show in the Media Players menu.

If none will display, then try another USB device.

FMCB is free for all and if you paid for it you've been scummed!

And if you're not, then why not compensate the efforts on FMCB developers, it will be shared beetween the 2 FMCB authors. Go Donate!

Credits goes out to the authors of this awsome release; Neme & jimmikaelkael.
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